eHealth Governance Initiave (eHGI)

The aim of the project eHGI was to increase an overall confidence in eHealth solutions supporting the provision of healthcare and raise awareness of the need to use ICT systems in various national health departments across the EU.
During the project was established a pan-European advisory body eHealth Network, which resulted in the project outputs being gradually directed at supporting its activities. This process has proved very effective, which enabled a very good operation of this body.
The eHGI project ended in 2014. The National Health Information Centre (NHIC) was involved in the project since 2011. More information on this international project can temporarily be found on the website:
A new project co-funded by the European Commission has begun on May 1, 2015, which represents a follow-up to the eHGI project and is also aimed at supporting the activities of the eHealth Network. Slovakia does not participate in this new project.